DOD Standard For Security

As the cybercriminal increases, the DOD has decided to implement new features and security regulations. The Department of Defense made them effective in 2015, but not many people are familiar with these standards. As CIO Teri Takai stated them, the evolution is changing dramatically, and we all should follow that change, not resist it.

Over the years, the Pentagon has suffered some severe breaches, which shouldn’t be allowed or possible, but they happened. This has come as a reasonable decision to protect classified information and documents and prevent cyber – attacks.

There standards and regulations involve that prime contractor and its employees work on protecting government data, but also to evaluate the risks and provide the probability of loss, misuse, and unauthorized access. All cyber companies working for the government need to abide by the rules and follow the regulations of National Institute of Standards and Technology. If any breach occurs, the contractors are obligated to report it right away, within 72 hours of discovery. In this report, the contractor needs to isolate and capture malicious software and provide maximum protection, if that’s possible.

Switching to NIST will allow the civilian agencies to meet the needs of government institutions and this is the first time something like this has ever been allowed. The process will apply to all DOD structures and subsidiaries and any IT product that receives or stores data and information. In this case, the new regulation will apply to weapons, vehicles, space systems, aircraft and medical devices as well.

This significant change has made a lot of new improvements which government officials believe will be beneficial for the U.S. It will help them keep the things under control and allowing them more time to deal with pressing matters, while de civilian agencies will take this role instead of them.