The Benefits of Norton 360 for Home Computer Security

The Norton 360 is the latest security offering by Symantec, that markets the Norton Brand. Norton security products have always been good and they rank up there with Mcafee and Sophos in their adoption by corporate users. Norton 360 has filtered down from industrial use to the home consumer, and although possibly irrelevant to some, it is Vista compatible.

For anybody who has had the courage to keep Vista on their computers, this is very relevant since many security applications are not yet compatible with Vista. Even Microsoft themselves failed badly with the spectacularly inept Windows Live Onecare, and Norton 360 is the worthy successor to anybody that decides to remove it and replace it with effective protection against viruses and spyware.

A good feature of the 360 is that it offers to run a scan first before you install it to ensure that there are no viruses or spyware present, because these can interfere with the smooth installation of software. Also you will then know that, if spyware suddenly appears after installation, then it came with the Norton product. Not that this will happen, but too many people have been rendered cynical due to the amount of adware and spyware that is frequently associated with downloading free versions of such software. This will set their minds at rest.

Norton 360 provides top class virus protection and a high quality firewall. It also gives you a disk defragmenter that works very fast and effectively, and also automatic backup of files that is a useful tool for those that regularly lose data for one reason or another, but generally due to lack of precaution. For those, Norton 360 will be the answer to your prayers.

Not only that, but the registry cleaner can help to speed up the performance of your computer. Many people are unsure what the registry is, and basically it is where information about the hardware systems is kept, and also contains information about how the software is operated. It can be damaged when programs are uninstalled, and also when installations are carried out incorrectly.

Internet Explorer 7 and WindowsThe software also offers phishing protection, and while these also come with Internet Explorer 7 and Windows, a lot depends on your confidence in Microsoft products. However, it is no bad thing to have another string to your bow in this respect, and Symantec are experts in this field. The usefulness of such applications depends on how you would rate Symantec against Microsoft in security applications, and in which you would rather place your trust.

What all this means to you in real terms is that Norton will maintain a background check on your computer and alert you whenever a known virus is downloaded to your computer. It will then prompt you as to whether you want it removed or not, and will remove it for you. It will also block phishing and scam sites when you use the internet to make credit card payments: with Norton 360 installed you can feel secure in the knowledge that your details are well protected.

Norton 360No longer! With this type of software that is server driven the provider knows what computers are loaded with what serial number. If you try to use your software on more than one computer you will be in serious trouble: if it worked at all since a lot of such applications are specific to the IP address that was automatically registered when it was installed.

However, Norton 360 offers three licenses with each purchase, which should be enough for any household, and that is a giant step forward in maintaining customer loyalty. This software is useful to anybody who believes that security is important, and wants their machine to run at maximum performance. It is without doubt the best Norton offering to date.

If you want to install the program which will offer you the maximum protection, then you should think about Norton 360. In the recent years, with the increased popularity of the internet and online shopping, people should be aware that cyber threats are lurking behind every corner. Keep yourself safe with Norton 360.