Online Security – Tips To Protect Yourself

Cyber-criminal has become a massive danger around the world, and people have a hard time to protect their data and bank accounts. Considering the increased number of online shoppers, it leaves too much space for cybercriminals to manipulate and use their data. If you are concerned for your safety, we have some tips which will help you improve the online protection.

Use strong passwords

This is an obvious step, of course, that strong password will make it harder for cyber criminals to access your account. In this case, you should use a combination of letters, symbols, and numbers. Your passwords don’t have to be too long. Otherwise, you will have a hard time remembering it. If you have multiple accounts, don’t use the same password for all of them. You should write them on a piece of paper, in case you forget.

Be aware of the numbers

If you use numbers as your password, avoid putting your birth date or something that is too predictable. Also, never use your social security number as a password, ID number or PIN because someone may steal your identity and that is more valuable than money. In this case, just use a random set of figures which can provide reliable protection.

Don’t open suspicious emails

Many hackers use emails to break into your accounts. They will often send you a virus, which will corrupt your entire computer and steal your data. Before opening any email, make sure it’s from a trusted source, if not, delete it right away.

Don’t-open-suspicious-emailsDon’t share too much

Social networks are very popular, and people share all kinds of content, but, sometimes this can be dangerous. Hackers will use even smallest details to breach your account. Improve your privacy and control who can see the things you share.